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Cnt future was born with the goal of engaging a large number of people that would become owners using common professional tools, such as pow and pos mining. CNTF can be staked by everyone, and can be mined both with cpu and gpu.

About us

Cnt future is a decentralized cryptocurrency that guarantees and confirms payments quickly. Cnt future can be used to buy services and products and can be exchanged worldwide. cnt future mining process will last for years. Energy-efficient blockchain and strategic reward system make cnt future the smart choice in cryptocurrency.


Proof of Work (POW) – Equihash

Even though the mission is focused on saving energy,CTN Future,as a public cryptocurrency, can’t forbid to be mined; however, it can penalise the complex structures of miners, diminishing the results in relation to the dedicated power.

CNT Future, using the Equihash algorithm, favours reduced power hardwares and it allows any individual miner to create coins.

Power Penalization Opportunity (POP) – Algorithm

One special algorithm,progressively reduce democratically daily mineabile coins depending on total hashpower.

Proof of Stake (POS) – 5 user levels

CNT Future uses an innovative rewards system with 5 levels for POS for users and different degrees of remuneration. It starts from a fixed rate of 3% and it increases by levels that reach rates of up to 15% per annum.


CNT Future was born with the goal of engaging a large number of people that would become owners, using common professional tools, such as mining, or staking. CNTF can be staked by everyone, and can be mined both with cpu and gpu.


– Equihash Proof of Work (PoW)
– PoP ( proof of power) adaptive algo
– Proof of Stake (PoS) on 5 user levels
– Proof of walk reward (powk)
– Cad ( Charity automatic donation)
– 1 Minute Blocks
– Block Size 2Mb
– Total Coin number

Real Mineability for anyone

Penalize high power to grant decentralization

Indirect Mineability with no energy consumption

Automatic Charity Donation


Store your coins safely. Get Coins with PoS mining with rewards on 5 user levels.



Store Cnt Future on Mac

mac miner


start mining on Linux

Linux Minner

POW Windows Mining

Start mining today and produce your Centurion Coins. Using Equihash Algorithm and with PoP (power opportunity penalization) get democratically coins. You can mine Cnt Future only with Cent Future miner. NqEquihash miner doesn’t work with our protocol as our coin was developed with unique features.


Right now There is one main pool for Centurion Future. As a special Algo to support decentralization reduces daily coins production depending from global power pool, it is more effective to create smaller pools and add them to the list.

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